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So the thing about owning your own business, one that is run out of your home and is mostly is a solo operation, is that you don’t really SEE anyone while you’re working day-to-day.  I don’t have an office I go to (which is pretty awesome most of the time), I don’t have colleagues I see every day, and I’m thus not physically surrounded by the work I do.  So as I continue in the business of photography I find myself more and more drawn to other photographers in a social sense.  Hanging with other photographers allows for the camaraderie that happens more organically in other lines of work.  Attending the Mystic Photography Seminar last week allowed me to totally immerse myself in the art, business, and love of photography.  I came home completely exhausted, but so excited to get to work and improve my business for my clients and myself in the coming year.  I didn’t intend on doing any shooting while down there, but decided to brave the seriously cold temperatures and a 6 AM wake up call.  I met an awesome group of photogs, and I’m so glad I did.


We had some fun back in the hotel room, as well.  It was much warmer.

Go check out the work of all my new (and old) friends!

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