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São Miguel Island | Azores travel photography

This past November I had the opportunity to visit São Miguel Island in the Portugese archipelago of The Azores.  It’s a unique place – European in culture and lifestyle while heavily influenced by its climate and the sea.  I was most excited by the abundance of amazing street art that stood in stark contrast to the many mold-riddled, overgrown (like full trees growing straight through buildings), and crumbling structures that dot the main city of Ponta Delgada.  The climate of this place is totally bizarre – an island filled with hot geothermal pools and sulfur-belching fumaroles.  Where it can be 80 degrees and sunny by the water and 45 degrees and raining once you travel inland to the famous volcanic lakes.  Where palm trees and pine trees exist only a few miles from each other.  Being a native Bostonian I found the locals comforting – often times a bit grumpy at first but fiercely loyal and accommodating once they crack and let you in.  Personally it was an interesting trip – a spontaneous journey that did not end the way I had expected it to, but put me in the place I needed to be.  I learned a lot about myself and was able to take time to reflect on how much I’ve grown in the past 5 years, and the further work I still have to do to be the best Mama, photographer, and person I can be.  All in all an intense trip I’m happy to share – enjoy a few frames from this wonderful island!

May you never lose your wanderlust.  It’s a great big world and there’s so much beauty to see.





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