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Nourishing Our Babies | Boston Documentary Family Photography

One of the hardest parts of being a parent, and especially a new parent, is the huge task of nourishing our babies.  My son is almost 6, so our years of snuggle feedings seem like ages ago, but making sure he was healthy and fed was a monumental task for me.  I struggled to breastfeed, and then struggled with the guilt from not being able to breastfeed.  That guilt and stress just made the whole situation harder.  Now that I am so far removed from it I can look back and be much less hard on myself and appreciate how hard those first few months of Mamahood can be.  I want to celebrate that hard work with a free photo event for fellow parents.  This event is open to all – Moms, Dads, birth parents, adoptive parents, breastfeeders and bottle-feeders.  The shoot itself will be 100% free, includes one 8×10 print, and will be held at the beautiful greenhouse at Wellesley College, and if you’d like more information please shoot me an email ASAP to


You’re doing a great job, Moms and Dads.





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