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Kyle & Donny | Same Sex Wedding at the State Room Boston

Kyle and Donny were married last January during a (now familiar) Boston blizzard. This wedding has stuck with me all year, and I’m quite sure it always will. It wasn’t just that it took place at the gorgeous State Room with it’s sweeping views of a snowy downtown, it wasn’t that the details were perfectly done and the whole affair was impossibly elegant, it wasn’t even the amazing dance party and overjoyed guests. What made this wedding so momentous and truly earth shattering for me was the overflowing, exuberant, all-consuming love that Kyle & Donny have for each other.  All the love that I document is so special, and I never ever rank any couple or event over any other, but Kyle & Donny really have a love that is unlike anything I’ve ever has the pleasure of witnessing.  They fit together so perfectly, they make each other smile so effortlessly, and they have stood together in the face of some intensely difficult trials.  Their love is so strong, and so true, that it has affected seemingly everyone in their lives, and made others believe in the power of love.  To say I cried almost continuously through this wedding would be an understatement.

I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of photos that I loved from this event that it has prevented me from sharing them with the world, and that is just a tragedy.  So today I put my big girl pants on, dove head-first into all the awesomeness, and below are my favorite 15 images from this amazing day.  Kyle & Donny’s reaction when their bridal party secretly hired a brass band to play “All You Need is Love” during the reception is still one of my all-time favorite moments.  And Kyle & Donny absolutely prove that those iconic words from the Beatles are so very true.

Love is all you need.





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  • SaraLilyFebruary 4, 2015 - 9:51 am

    Umm could they BE any CUTER!? OMG. These were all stunning. You did a phenomenal job capturing them and their authentic and ecstatic reactions to their day. Loved these!

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